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This gift of this temple and sanctuary and the consecration of its boundaries during his three year term in the month of Xurvar June?

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Where did the Etruscans come from? The linguistic and genetic clues are piling up.

These earlier Phocaeans caused such a problem in the sea-lanes around Italy and North Africa that Carthage and Caere — and possibly other Etruscan cities, too — sent a fleet to destroy them Hdt. Even the founders of Massalia, a Greek city on the south coast of France, were said to be pirates Just. Similarly, the city of Zankle, on Sicily, was first settled by a cadre of Hellenic freebooters Thuc. Strabo 6.

The Sound of the Etruscan Language (Alphabet,Numbers & Sample Texts )

The inhabitants of Lipari may have regularly seized ships for their own gain, as they did when Rome sent an embassy to Delphi in the wake of their capture of Veii Livy 5. It is ironic, but also rather predictable. Our sources are exclusively Greek.

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The Etruscan reputation developed during a time when Hellenes were spreading across the Mediterranean like a plague, encountering new peoples and places. In this environment a notion of superiority developed, as is illustrated by stories such as that of Polyphemus in the Odyssey.

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  • Non-Greeks could be discriminated against using any excuse possible. Names, family names, family connections, titles of the dead -- we may assume so much.

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    But we cannot read one single sentence. The Etruscan language is a mystery. Yet in Caesar's day it was the everyday language of the bulk of the people in central Italy -- at least, east-central. And many Romans spoke Etruscan as we speak French. Yet now the language is entirely lost.