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From music, to culture, to history, to notorious characters of all sorts, these books cover everything and anything you ever cared or didn't care to know about Metal.

Essential Heavy Metal Books

While reading, make sure to play your favorite metal album at full volume to ensure maximum retention. Some are movies, others are concerts, and still others are documentaries and one's a mocumentary, but that's another story. All of these capture Heavy Metal at its gritty best even it if is sometimes overly self-indulgent as well as at is decadently worst.

Either way, you won't be disappointed with the selections on this list. It may not have been standard metal, but it was loud, creepy fun. Their second full-length retained that raw, confrontational M. Eventually, these one-time pariahs became local legends, even winding up with a cameo on Treme.

Zorn concocted a blend of extreme metal and out-jazz that was as rigorously structured as contemporary classical music, resulting in brutally disorienting, genre-defying bursts that can make Dillinger Escape Plan sound like disco. Each one is one bar long. Plus, guitarist Ernie C. A direct descendant of the power metal pioneered by Eighties heavyweights Helloween, Savatage and Blind Guardian, the subgenre of symphonic metal juxtaposed explosive sing-along hooks with lavish orchestration, whether produced via synthesizer or, in the case of a lucky few like Nightwish, full-scale orchestras.

But on their fifth album, Once , the band achieved their most pristinely balanced blend of force and melody. I look for new ideas mainly from movie scores. The Virginia band, then a raw trio, harnessed the blur of blastbeats and hyperspeed riffs, but those elements were blown through the gnash and gnarl of Nineties alt-metal bands like Helmet and Unsane.

Hayes, inspired by transgressive authors like William S. But at the same time it was pretty thrilling. Fenriz built its atmosphere with cold, almost classical riffs, played through fuzzy distortion, at a constant, methodical mid-tempo, giving it a hypnotic quality. By the time Entombed released their debut full-length, they had primed the nascent death-metal scene for an auspicious arrival with a series of demos under the name Nihilist. It never became that fun again.

After summoning two albums of dirty, Venom-inspired punk-metal bombast, Bathory discovered high drama and a sense of subterranean evil on Under the Sign of the Black Mark. Thirty years later, bands like Emperor, Satyricon, Darkthrone and just about every other torch-bearing group of miscreants in white face paint resound the echoes of Black Mark.

Bathory mainman Quorthon claimed to have arranged his shrieked vocals; blurred, repetitive guitars and drums; and eerie choral sound effects by trial and error. The New Wave—gone-industrial malcontents of Ministry improbably managed to break into the mainstream by ditching their synthesizers for guitars and crafting a dense, nightmarish sound collage for their fifth LP, Psalm If only I could extract the magic, it would be like pulling a diamond ring out of a septic tank.

Psalm 69 went platinum and peaked at Number 27 on the Billboard , allowing other industrial acts passage into the charts, including Marilyn Manson, Rammstein and Orgy. The relentlessly prolific Swedish death-metal scene of the late Eighties and early Nineties revolved around dueling power centers.

To the east sat sleek Stockholm, with its dirty, punk-informed take on the genre, as gurgled forth by Entombed and Dismember. To the west lay the bleaker port city Gothenburg, where abiding love of Iron Maiden and classic heavy metal spawned a melodic revolution in Satan worship spearheaded by Dissection, In Flames and At the Gates.

While the speed and abrasiveness remained, the band coupled these elements with a remarkable sense of discipline, making room for industrial samples, shifting time signatures and memorable vocal melodies. By the time they finally did nab that elusive contract, with Atlantic Records, the band were a good 10 years into their career, and their trademark glam look had been usurped by a new crop of younger and prettier L. Game changer. With a guitarist known for slashing his arms with a razor before gigs and an overtly satanic image, Morbid Angel hardly seemed like a band destined for the big time.

But music-industry legend Irving Azoff saw it differently.

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Forget about British punk; true musical anarchy arrived in the U. The effect is beautiful. Matters Furniss. Sound of the Beast. Ian Christe. Black Sabbath - Uncensored On the Record. Steven Rosen. Louder Than Hell. Jon Wiederhorn. Metallica Unbound. Eddie Trunk. Metallica - Uncensored On the Record. Tom King. Twilight of the Gods. Steven Hyden.

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Last of the Giants. Mick Wall. Hallo Spaceboy. Dave Thompson. Eddie Van Halen. Neil Zlozower. Led Zeppelin. Chris Welch. Birth School Metallica Death, Volume 1. Paul Brannigan. Mad World. Lori Majewski.

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Strange Beautiful Music. Jake Brown. A History of Heavy Metal. Andrew O'Neill. Too Much Trouble. Stuart Berman. Chris Nickson. Classic Rock Revisited Vol. Jeb Wright. Alice in Chains: in the Studio. Rebel Rebel.